The aim of the Housing Authority is to, where it is physically possible, install lifts in Government owned residential blocks. Therefore the Housing Authority receives applications for the installation of lifts in blocks/entrances of apartment in Malta or Gozo, which are occupied by tenants recognised by the Government.

What you'll get

Installation of lift.


Lifts will be installed under the following conditions:

i) At least one of the applicants or his/her relative that lives in the building must have a disability related to mobility or mobility problems. A panel set up for this purpose must confirm this disability or mobility problem in consultation with the Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability.
ii) At least 1 of the applicants must be a tenant recognised by the Government.
iii) The block/entrance must be at least three storeys high from road level.
iv) The block/entrance must be planned in such a manner that a lift installed is accessible to all the apartments and can be installed with the least structural.
alterations possible. For example, lifts can be placed at common entrances whilst maintaining a staircase wide enough of an adequate measurement. The Housing Authority establishes this measurement.
v) The necessary permits must to be obtained from the Planning Authority (PA), from the Lands Authority, as well as third parties.
whose consent is necessary in order to carry out the necessary works and alterations.
vi) Before an application is submitted the residents must form a Residents’ Association of the block/entrance. This Association must accept full responsibility for the maintenance of the lift, the maintenance of the common parts, payments for the consumption of electricity and telephone line of the lift, as well as payments for the necessary repairs and maintenance of this same lift according to clause 8.

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How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.

A non-refundable administrative fee of €40.00 applies upon submission of an application.