The Foundation for Social Welfare Services has been remitted with implementing two Food distribution schemes, FEAD (Fund of the European Aid to the Most Deprived) and SFFD (State Funded Food Distribution). 5 distributions are held annually 3 in case of FEAD and 2 of SFFD. The distribution is carried out from various different sites in Malta and Gozo to reach out and assist with ease and within vicinity of targeted cohorts. There are set eligibility criteria for each scheme. Further information can be obtained online or upon request. Distributions are held during the day and in form of prepacked food boxes, according to the size of the family targeted. Distribution starts at 7.30am till 2pm. Confidentially is a must, and those who are eligible receive a collection letter and must be consigned and exchanged for the food package eligible for.

What you'll get

The experience of helping those in need, particularly families with children, is great. Apart from offering food packages, the foundation offers a myriad of other services they can be referred to if need be. Our objective is not making people dependent on handouts and benefits, but to assist them to integrate into the labour market and lead an independent life. The contact made during the food distribution can serve to build such bridges and capitalize on the moment to support further. The main aim is to fully integrate families and eradicate poverty as much as possible


General eligibility criteria for volunteers rendering services during the Food distribution.

Age: 16 and over
Knowledgeable of basic English / and / or Maltese
Preferably with own means of transport / or versant in using public transport
Of good moral standard and respectful, able to maintain confidentiality throughout.
Sign a declaration of data protection.

How to apply

Agency name: Foundation for Social Welfare Services – Volunteer
Address: 212 Cannon Road Santa Venera
Website: www.fsws.gov.mt
Telephone number: +356 22588900

Fill in online form and submit.