SOLVIT can help you when:
• Your EU rights as a citizen or as a business are breached by public authorities in another EU country, and
• You have not (yet) taken your case to court (although we can help if you’ve just made an administrative appeal).

Typical issues SOLVIT can help you with:
• Getting your professional qualifications recognised
• Visa and residence rights
• Trade and services (businesses)
• Vehicles and driving licences
• Family benefits
• Pension rights
• Working abroad
• Unemployment benefits
• Health insurance
• Access to education
• Cross-border movement of capital or payments
• VAT refunds

Submitting of a problem to the Maltese SOLVIT centre.

What you'll get

The problem would be investigated by the Malta SOLVIT centre to see whether it qualifies to be taken up by SOLVIT, or whether the client would be signposted to another entity.


Citizens and businesses.

How to apply

Print and fill in the form and attach any relevant documents which might help in the investigation.
Send to:
Commerce Department
Lascaris Bastions
Valletta VLT 1933