Maltese residents who have close residents in Gozo are presently entitled to a ‘Family Pass’. In effect this means that a pass holder is entitled to the same special fare as a Gozo Residents i.e. €8.15 for car and driver and €1.15 for foot passenger. An additional annual fee of €11.65 for car plus driver and €4.65 for foot passenger is to be paid for the renewal of the ‘Family Pass’.

The ‘Family Pass’ will only be issued to “L-ulied ta’ Ghawdxin residenti Malta” and therefore strictly restricted to persons having grandparents, parents and brothers/sisters born and residing in Gozo (not spouses, children, uncles/aunts and in-laws). Only one Pass (valid only for one person) will be issued per household and therefore spouses and children will not benefit unless the direct relative, who is resident in Malta, has passed away. In the latter case, the family must decide who would be issued with the relative Pass (i.e. the surviving parent or one of the children residing in the same house hold).

This benefit shall not apply to person having spouses, grandparents, parents children and brothers/sisters normally residing in Malta, even though their identity card may state otherwise (i.e. summer residence)

However, further to the above, the current practice which has been consistently adopted for the past decades by the Company, is that Family Passes are also issued in the following circumstances:

a. A Family Pass is issued to all members of the same household applying for a Family Pass. Thus distinct Family Passes are issued to all members in a family.
b. Applications approved by the Ministry for Gozo and Planning for exceptional cases when where parents who are separated have children living in Gozo. In this case, the Family Pass is granted by the Ministry to the parent living in Malta.

What you'll get

Same ferry fares applicable to Gozo residents.


​Provided to citizens having their next of kin living permanently in Gozo are eligible to apply for the pass.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.