The Gozo Cultural Events Fund Scheme is a Ministry for Gozo and Planning measure for community-led creative and artistic activities in Gozo. It provides the opportunity for the development of artistic projects led by the community for the community, while celebrating cultural diversity. The fund is looking to co-finance projects which encourage active cultural participation, promote local talent and boost the community’s creative expression or appreciation of its identity

What you'll get

Funding to cover costs that strictly emanate from the organisation of the proposed event.


Fill in the online form and submit.

How to apply

An applicant may be a:
  1. a voluntary organization; or
  2. an independent individual or a group of individuals; or
  3. entities; or
  4. local councils who would like to present a cultural event.
In all instances (indicated above), there must be a lead person who is duly authorized to represent the organisers. The person must be a Maltese citizen having a permanent address in Gozo.