Citizens of Malta or one of the member states of the European Union and persons who are habitual residents of Malta are entitled to claim compensation for the criminal injuries they have sustained so long as such injuries were subject to criminal proceedings or reported to the Police without delay.

What you'll get

Monetary compensation to victims of violent intentional crimes.


Such compensation can be claimed either by the victim himself or by a dependent in case the victim has died as a result of crime. This compensation cannot be claimed if the victim was responsible or partially responsible for the crime. 

The application shall be submitted by not later than one year from when the violent intentional crime was committed.

Along with this application there should be attached the following documents and certificates:
  1. Birth certificate of applicant
  2. Death Certificate of victim, where applicable
  3. Applicant's Police Conduct Certificate
  4. Police Report relating to the crime in question
  5. Affidavit by applicant confirming that no compensation has been awarded in connection with the crime mentioned in this application
  6. Any  other  documentary  evidence in  support  of  the  claim  hereby  made,  particularly medical certificates with regard to paragraph J under Part II above
  7. Any other relevant certificates or documents

How to apply

Fill in and print the online form, sign it and send it with the necessary accompanying documents, to:

Assisting Officer at the Department of Justice,
Market Street,
Floriana FRN 1082