This is an appeal filed in accordance to Article 39 or Article 40 of the General Elections Act (Chapter 354 of the Laws of Malta). This appeal should be addressed to the Revising Officer and must be filed not later than twenty-one days (21) after the publication of the Electoral Register. The online submission of this appeal, shall, for all intents and purposes of law, be deemed as if it has been filed directly in the Registry of the Court of Magistrates (Malta) or in the Registry of the Courts of Magistrates (Gozo). But when the appeal is filed online outside registry opening hours as established by the Code of Organization and Civil Procedure, such appeal shall be deemed to have been filed on the first following day of the opening of the said Registry.

What you'll get

This appeal is intended to:

  • Include a person in the Electoral Registry
  • Correct a person’s particulars in the Electoral Registry
  • Expunge a person from the Electoral Registry


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