With this application, one may request the Court to be exempt from serving as a juror. According to Article 607(1) of the Criminal Code this application must be filed within four days after writ of service. If the request to be exempt is for example based on a medical condition, the original copy is necessary. A scanned copy is not accepted by the Court, thus electronic submissions are not sufficient. In the case where according to Article 604 of the Criminal Code, one is included in the list exempted from serving as juror, a letter addressed to the Registrar is enough to be deemed as an application.

What you'll get

Form is not generated automatically but has to be filled in manually.


A person who has been notified to serve as a juror in a jury to be conducted in the English Language* can download the application, fill it in, sign it and present it personally at the Criminal Registry.

*Since there are juries which need to be conducted in the English Language, the application to be exempt from juror needs to be filed in the relative language.

How to apply

The filled in application must be presented in person at the Criminal Registry.