Clients may request copies of public deeds or wills from the Notarial Archives. With the use of such eForm, clients may now be immediately directed to the link of the Office of the Notary to Government and order a copy of a notarial deed or public will online, rather than physically calling at this Office or communicating by phone with Notarial Archives personnel. Clients will be ascertained that their online application will be processed vis sms or email where applicable. Upon application, an sms and an email (where applicable) will be sent to clients notifying them via sms or email that the copy ordered is ready together with the exact fees due.

What you'll get

1. Immediate acknowledgement upon submission of the application.
2. A direct reply via sms or email indicating whether the copy of the contract or public will may be collected, including the exact amount of fees to be paid.
3. You will also be notified via sms or email whether the application requires more information or if the particular contract or public will is available (or not) at the Notarial Archives.
4. We will inform you accordingly if the copy of public deed or will amounts to more than €50.


General public.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.

To order a copy of a public deed or will, one must provide the name and surname of the notary and the date of the relative contract or public will. A client is required to fill in the 'Personal Details' Section which includes his/her name and surname, email address and phone contact number. 

In the 'Order Details' Section, clients are required to indicate whether a legalised or informal copy is required following the submission of other details such as the date of the relative deed or public will as well as the name and surname of the notary who published the said notarial deed. In the case of a public will, one may also download a copy of the death certificate where necessary.