The Office of the Notary to Government is currently digitising the Notarial Volumes. Every day this Office is uploading public contracts and wills to the Notarial Acts Portal, thus making them available so that they can be purchased instantly. In case the required deed/will is not found online, the system permits the user to submit an order which will be serviced withing five (5) working days.

Once the order has been processed, the applicant will receive an email together with a link which will direct him/her to the document/s required. Each deed/will is split into four categories (Contract/Will, Plans, Tax Documents & Other Documents) so that the client can purchase part or all of the documents that s/he needs.

What you'll get

If a contract/will is available on the Notarial Acts Portal, it can be downloaded instantly after completing the checkout. If document is not yet online, it will be available online for purchase within five (5) working days of order being submitted.


Everyone is eligible to submit an order. No account is required and you can submit an order or purchase documents as a guest. Nonetheless, the facility to log in with eID or create a local account are available. These options are encouraged as it offers a number of benefits which include the option of having a virtual wallet, a history of all your orders and purchases and the system will allow you to download every document you have purchased at any time.

How to apply

  1. Search for the contract/will required by inputting Notary Name and contract/will date.
  2. If the act is found you can proceed to preview it and purchase it. Kindly note that if a document is not found it can be because the search does not necessarily include all acts online since there is an ongoing digitisation project. You can submit an order so that the required document is digitised and made available online by clicking on the yellow button which will take you to the eForm to submit an order. In case the required act is a will, a death certificate is required.
  3. Immediate acknowledgement upon submission of the application.
  4. A reply within five (5) working days of submitting an order. If the contract/will has been found and uploaded online, a direct link will be included to that document. In case the contract required is not found, you will be notified whether the application requires more information.
  5. You can resume to preview the first page or two of the contract/will to make sure that it is the required one by clicking on a document and clicking on the ‘Preview’.
  6. Proceed to purchase the documents required by adding them to cart. In the cart page you can select the option to purchase the required documents legalised. Once the checkout is complete, you will receive a receipt which also contains a link to download the documents.