This form enables individuals to exercise their rights as data subjects in terms of data protection laws with regards to personal data processed in the Schengen Information System. Such rights include the right request access the personal data and to request the correction of factually inaccurate personal data or its deletion if it is being processed unlawfully. For more information, see here

What you'll get

When exercising the right of access, the individual will learn if personal data about him or her is being processed and what personal data is being processed, mainly alerts.

If one becomes aware that any of the personal data being processed is factually incorrect, he or she may request that such data is rectified. On the other hand, if an alert is not based on any lawful ground, the individual may request to have such alert deleted. In any case, the request must be supported with evidence.


Any individual, either directly or through a legal representative, whose personal data is being processed in the Schengen Information System.

How to apply

Fill in the online form, including by uploading the necessarry documents, as the case may be, and submit.