The application is made for the purpose of obtaining a licence to be issued by the Commissioner of Police to a person who is promoting, or proposes to promote a collection in any locality for a charitable purpose, or a purpose approved by the Minister responsible for the Police.

When collecting the licence, applicants should produce a valid identification document such as a valid passport or ID Card. The licence will be granted subject that the provisions laid down in the Public Collections Act Chapter 279 are satisfied.

The application, which must contain all the information as set out in the form in the First Schedule of the relative Act, must be signed by at least 3 individuals.

What you'll get

A licence authorizing a person to promote collections.


Persons satisfying the requirements of the related Act.

How to apply

Fill in the online form, print it and sign it.

The filled in form can also be sent via email on: secretariat.police@gov.mt.

This form cannot be submitted online due to the requirement of an original signature.