This application enables the general public to apply online for the service offered by the Civil Protection Department without the need to attend at the premises of the CPD. The service offered by the CPD is for the request for a Fire Engine or for Divers and dinghy driver, or for MV Garibaldi and for CPD Officer.

Once an application is submitted, same application is vetted by the CPD for correctness of information, and once this is confirmed and accepted by the CPD, the applicant is contacted by email to settle the bill following to the information submitted in the application.

When the Department fulfils the request, the applicant will receive further information about settlement, either to pay more or to be reimbursed. Once settlement is done, a final invoice is submitted to the applicant and application is closed.

What you'll get

The applicant can apply online without the need to call at the premises of the CPD.


General public.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.

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