This Penalty Points declaration form provides you, as the owner of a Vehicle, with the ability to assign the contravention to the person who was driving the vehicle at the date, time and place of the said contravention. The contravention will be re-issued in the name of the driver instead of the owner only if the full details are provided and declaration is signed by both parties involved.

If the declaration is not signed by the driver, the contravention will still remain on the owner of the vehicle, however, the person indicated as the driver of the said vehicle will receive a summons to appear in front of the Tribunal as a witness. For this purpose, please ensure that the full details of the driver are provided in the declaration form.

False declarations constiture a criminal offence and will be liable to prosecution.

What you'll get

The vehicle owner will be able to assign a contravention to the person driving the vehicle at the date, time and place of the said contravention, any penalty points applicable will be attributable to the Driver.


Within 21 days from date of issue of an unsettled contravention, vehicle owners whose car was being driven by a third-party at the time a particular contravention was issued may assign the contravention to the third-party.

How to apply

Fill in the online form, print it and sign it. The form must be signed by both the Vehicle Owner and Driver.

Log in to les.gov.mt and select 'Upload Driver Declaration' from the 'Driving Licence Penalty Points' Menu. Fill in the details requested in the system and upload the documentation required.

A copy of the driver's driving licence is requested as an attachment in addition to the Penalty Points Declaration form. In the case of leased or rented vehicles, it is of utmost importance that the rental or lease agreement is uploaded together with the declaration form.