This declaration form, provides you, as the owner of a vehicle (or as a delegate on the said vehicle), with the ability to assign a particular vehicle not used by yourself to a third party, hereby being referred to as the 'Appointed Driver'. This functionality is particularly useful in instances whereby a vehicle is always being driven by a particular driver (not being the vehicle owner) and towards persons having more than one vehicle licenced on their name.

This form needs to be submitted via les.gov.mt and requires that you first input the details of the Appointed Driver and upload the driver’s Driving Licence. Following submission, the particular vehicle would need to be linked to the Appointed Driver and this form uploaded accordingly.

Once the process is completed, with effect from that date, contraventions issued on that particular vehicle will automatically be issued in the name of the appointed driver indicated as the actual driver on condition that full details are given and relative documents are attached.

This process will only be applied to contraventions where penalty points are applicable and where the driver of the vehicle could not be identified, such as contraventions issued via Speed Cameras and CCTVs, and thus in such cases the Penalty Points Declaration form would not be required.

For any other contraventions where penalty points are applicable; or contraventions issued via Speed Cameras and CCTVs prior to the form processing date, they will need to be assigned to the driver by means of the Penalty Points Declaration Form.

False declarations constitute a criminal offence and will be liable to prosecution.

What you'll get

The vehicle owner will be able to assign an Appointed Driver for a particular vehicle. Any penalty points applicable will be attributable to the respective driver on Speed and CCTV Contraventions only.


The vehicle owner may assign an Appointed Driver for any particular vehicle at any one time as long as the person is the owner of the said vehicle and the relevant documentation is provided.

How to apply

Fill in the online form, print it and sign it. The form must be signed by both the Vehicle Owner and Driver.

Login to les.gov.mt and select 'Assign Appointed Driver' from the 'Driving Licence Penalty Points' Menu. Fill in the details requested of the Appointed Driver in the system and upload the Driver’s Driving Licence. The email address of the driver is mandatory so as to notify the driver that he has been set as the Appointed Driver for the particular vehicle.

Once the Appointed Driver is created on the les.gov.mt, you can assign which vehicle to link to this driver. In the case of leased or rented vehicles, it is of utmost importance that the rental or lease agreement is uploaded together with the declaration form.

For further assistance on assigning an Appointed Driver visit the FAQs on les.gov.mt.