The purpose for the establishment of the EORI (Economic Operators Registration Identification) system is to enable every economic operator who directly interacts with the Customs Authorities in any Member State of the EU, to be allocated a unique reference number. This reference number is valid throughout the EU Community and serves as a common reference for the economic operator’s interaction with the Customs Authorities of any EU Member State.

This system has been in use by economic operators in all customs declaration since 1 July 2009. This number is also used for the exchange of information between the Customs authorities of the EU and where appropriate, between Customs and other authorities e.g. statistical authorities.

What you'll get

An Economic Operator Registration Identification(EORI) is a unique number throughout the European Union, assigned by a customs authority or designated authority or authorities in an EU Member State to economic operators and other persons. By registering in one Member State of the EU, operators are able to obtain an EORI number that is valid throughout the Union.

Obviously, in order to benefit fully from this reform, holders must use the EORI number (once it has been assigned) in all communications with any EU Customs authorities where a Customs economic operator identifier is required.


Economic operators established in Malta should request the assignment of an EORI number to perform commercial activity where customs procedures are concerned; Economic Operators not established in the EU may apply at the Malta Customs if they will be lodging their first declaration or applying for a decision in Malta.

If an economic operator intends to use export procedures from Malta, a local VAT certificate is required.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.

The registration details may be published on the EU website if the Economic Operator (EO) chooses to give consent by ticking the appropriate box. EO’s are requested to send their VAT Certificate (if applicable), MFSA Certificate, together with the ID Card or Passport of one of the directors (foreign directors only). Maltese directors are requested to write their full name and ID Card number. A valid email address and contact number are also solicited.