Through this form, taxpayers can file a request to benefit from a remission of interest and penalties for Income Tax and VAT.

What you'll get

If a request is approved, a remission of interest and / or penalties is applied based on an agreement reached with the Office of the Commissioner for Taxes and Customs.


Any person who has a pending balance that includes:

  • Penalties and / or interest up to VAT periods with due date 15th December 2019.
  • Interest for Income Tax purposes up to Year of Assessment 2020.
  • Penalties for Income Tax.

How to apply

Please click here to fill in the online form and submit. If you need to apply for a Remission for both VAT and Income Tax you need to submit two separate applications. For Income Tax kindly indicate if the request is for Interest, late return penalties, other penalties, or all.

It is important that a valid reason is listed in the application and that all outstanding VAT and Income Tax Returns have been submitted.

For further information on how to apply kindly contact customer care on 153 for citizens or 144 for businesses or e-mail [email protected].