A form which is filled by an examiner when s/he conducts a skill test, proficiency check, or assessment of competence for flight crew.

What you'll get

Skill Test, Proficiency Check, or Assessment of Competence


In the case of:
i) A skill test for a licence, rating or certificate;
ii) An assessment of competence for an initial issue of a certificate the examiner must first receive a response to this notification stating that the request has been approved by Transport Malta before conducting the skill test or assessment of competence.

The examiner must not conduct the skill test or assessment of competence if the request is rejected, or if he/she has not received a reply which confirms his/her designation to do the skill test or assessment of competence.
In accordance with ARA.FCL.205(b) andamp; (c), Transport Malta will publish a list of all examiners certified by Transport Malta and by all non-Malta certified examiners exercising their privileges in Malta who have received a briefing in accordance with FCL.1015(c)(2).
Transport Malta will conduct sampling of examiners to verify compliance with the agreed processes, procedures and standards.

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