Application form to be used by persons, voluntary organisations and undertakings when applying for a financial incentive for the registration of plug-in hybrid vehicles ordered before 31 May 2022.

What you'll get

Subject to eligibility, a financial incentive as a cash grant for the registration of a plug-in hybrid ordered before 31 May 2022.


This form may be used by:

  • Natural persons residing in Malta;
  • Voluntary Organisations; and
  • Undertakings established in Malta.

In the case of applications by undertakings or voluntary organisation carrying out an economic activity, the De Minimis State Aid Rules shall apply.


For more information refer to Transport Malta’s webpage: https://www.transport.gov.mt/land/sustainable-transport/financial-incentives-2023/plugin-hybrids-only-for-vehicles-ordered-by-31-may-2022-6187

How to apply

By filling in the form downloadable from here and submitting it as per instructions in TM’s webpage.


Documents required

As indicated on the application form.