The renewal can be effected either by post (a form mailed is mailed to clients approximately six weeks before the expiry of the driving licence) or online through the below link (in this case, on can access the site by the reference number provided on the sent renewal form).

What you'll get

A renewed driving licence photo card,


All holders of a valid driving licence and/or related categories

How to apply

Renewal of Driving Licences are subject to licence holders being compliant to the Motor Vehicles (Driving Licenses) Regulations S.L. 65.18 Requirements by post: a. the driving licence renewal form, duly filled-in, and signed; b. one good-quality coloured passport-sized photograph; c. the fee shown on the renewal form, payable by cheque or money order in favour of Transport Malta; d. medical certificate required if the licence holder hold one of the categories C, C, D, D1 and for person of 70 years of age and over. e. copy of the identity card in case of a change in address / surname