A Road Haulage Operator License (RHOL) is required by undertakings offering the service of carriage of goods for hire and reward. Such licences are issued to Transport Malta and are classified in 2 categories:

i) National Transport; and
ii) International Transport

As set out the in Motor Vehicles (Carriage of Goods by Road) Regulations (S.L.65.19) and Regulations 1071/2009/EC and 1072/2009/EC of the European Parliament and Council.​ Through this form, applicants apply for the renawal of an existing operator licence for the carriage of goods for hire or reward on a National or European level.

What you'll get

An operator licence permitting holder to carry goods for hire or reward anywhere on National and/or EU territory. This is a certificate for the applicant and a certified true copy is to be kept in each vehicle included under the licence. Validity of licence is for 5 years.


Undertakings with clean conduct, established in Malta (have an office and at least 1 vehicle registered in Malta), possessing qualifications required to act as Transport Manager (or engage a person that does), and having a financial standing of at least €9,000 for the first vehicle and €5,000 for any subsequent vehicle.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.

With the form, also submit payment of €120 for licence, €25 per vehicle up to the 5th vehicle.