Individuals, companies or entities interested in organising maritime activities with ports, internal and territorial waters of Malta, should apply by using this application form.

What you'll get

No objection letter.


One must be at least 18 years of age, be Maltese citizens or Citizen of an EU member state, hold a permanent address in Malta, and hold applicable permits or authorisation, pertaining to the activity being organised from other Government entities and stakeholders where applicable.

Applicants should be able to demonstrate that they are knowledgeable enough about the activity to be held and resulting impacts, and prove that they have the required resources, including competent personnel and equipment to mitigate resulting impacts.

How to apply

Print and fill in the form and send to:

Ports and Yachting Directorate
Triq Pantar
Lija LJA 2021

Applications are to be submitted at least 15 days prior to the holding of the Maritime Activity.

Together with:
i) Copy of ID Card or passport of person responsible for the activity
ii) Insurance policy covering the activity
iii) Map specifying the coordinates and marked out area where the activity is to be held and any other documents as listed in the application form.