Individuals requesting to register or re-register a small ship on the Small Ships Register, such as:
- Sailing yacht
- Motor yacht
- Rigid inflatable
- Traditional boat
- Inflatable boat
- Paddleboat/Canoe
- Cabin boat
- Open boat

What you'll get

Registration or re-registration of a small ship on the Small Ships Register.


The rightful owner of the ship.

How to apply

Print and fill in the form and send to:

Ports and Yachting Directorate
Triq Pantar
Lija LJA 2021

Required documents for new registrations:
i) A bill of sale of boat.
ii) Declaration of conformity.
iii) CE certificate.
iv) Photo of hull identification number.
v) Coloured photo of boat.
vi) Bill of sale of engine (including make and serial number).
vii) A third party liability insurance valid for a year (for engines exceeding 9.9 HP).
viii) ID Card of owner.

Additional documents for re-registration:
ix) Original deletion certificate.
x) In certain instances other documents such as sworn declarations, importation documents and Certificate of Survey may be requested.