Authorized Boat dealers are exempted from paying registration fees until such time that they re-sell the boat. Registration will be in abeyance until such time.

What you'll get

Authorised Boat dealers may be exempted from paying the renewal of registration fee the duration that it will remain under his/her possession until its re-sale.


Authorised Boat dealers requesting suspension of re-registration of a craft under their possession.

How to apply

Print and fill in the form and send to:

Small Ships Register
Ports & Yachting Directorate
Authority for Transport in Malta
Triq Pantar
Lija LJA 2021

Submit it together with:
i) A certified true copy of a valid Trading Licence
ii) A copy of the Memorandum of Association
iii) A board resolution if required in the Articles of association
iv) This permit is renewable yearly by presenting to the Small Ships Register, an Application for Permit to act as an Authorised Boat Dealer (PYD 125), a renewal of the trading licence together with a good standing certificate in the case of a company