For Target Group 4 or 6 (4) the Curriculum Vitae is required. Such form is to be attached to the Participant Information Sheet form which is part of the A2E Application Form.

What you'll get

When recruiting a person who falls under Target Group 4 or 6 (4) the employer will get €110.93 (full-time) or €55.47 (part-time) per week, for a period of 52 weeks (Target Group 4) or 104 weeks (Target Group 6(4) ).


Employers including partnerships, companies, family businesses, associations, individual self-employed or other body of persons, as well as NGOs and Social Partners (whether these carry out an economic activity or otherwise) are eligible for the A2E Scheme, when recruiting individuals who falls under Target Group 4 or 6 (4)

How to apply

The Participant's Curriculum Vitae is to be submitted online. Click here