This form is used to apply for the entry of one’s name in the Jobsplus Register for Persons with Disability.

What you'll get

You will receive an appointment in the post for the Jobsplus Medical Officer to assess if your name should be entered in the Register of Persons with Disability.


This Register holds the name of individuals that although fit for employment, require guidance and assistance to engage in employment which is most suitable to their current physical/mental health condition.

How to apply

Fill in first page of the form online, print, and sign the declaration. The Medical Certificate which is to be found on the second page of the application is to be completed by a General Practitioner, but for persons suffering from a mental health difficulties, certification has to be completed by a psychiatrist or psychologist and then sent to:

Ms Maronia Morales
Inclusive Employment Services
Head Office
Ħal Far BBG 3000

This form cannot be submitted online due to the requirement of an original signature.