The Malta Arts Scholarships Scheme aims at providing more opportunity to support individuals who are exceptionally talented in the promotion of professional performance specialisation in the arts. Theatre, music, dance, design, creative writing, film, the visual arts or any combination thereof, is being given the deserved priority.

The scheme is also available for applicants under the age of 16. In such cases if the applicant is awarded an Arts Scholarship, the legal custodian shall be bound to sign a separate declaration confirming that the minor will continue to pursue compulsory education during the Scholarship period.

Furthermore, applicants awarded an Arts Scholarship shall be available to commence their programme/course /qualification by no later than 31 December of the respective year.

What you'll get

The possibility to benefit from a scholarship.


Each Scholarship Scheme is governed by its own set of regulations. Therefore, eligibility depends on the criteria specified in the respective scheme regulations which may be reviewed on a yearly basis as may be deemed necessary.

How to apply

When a call for scholarships opens, an online application is to be filled and submitted by the deadline specified in the respective scheme regulations.

Required documents:

i) Curriculum Vitae (CV)
ii) Evaluation/Recognition Statement issued by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE);
iii) Transcript;
iv) Unconditional Letter of Acceptance;
v) Copy of Statement by Applicants applying under Group A that s/he intends completing the course in time;
vi) Card issued by the Kummissjoni Nazzjonali Persuni b’Diżabilità (KNPD);
vii) Permanent Residence Certificate;
viii) A copy of the acknowledgement from the University/Universities applied for;
ix) Personal Profile (applicable for those applying under the Arts Scheme);
x) Signed Declaration by Parents/Guardians authorising applicant to participate in the scheme if the applicant is under the age of 18 by the closing date of the application.