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In-Work benefi​​t for employees with atypical working hours

Over the past years, the labour market policies introduced by the Government have incentivised people to enter in employment while raising household incomes. These incentives include the free childcare, the tax refunds and the In-work Benefit scheme.

In the 2022 Budget presented by the Minister for Finance and Em​ployment Clyde Caruana, another measure was announced to incentivise workers to work in specific sectors with atypical time schedules.

All employees in the private sector who work shifts, on weekends or after 6pm and whose basic salary does not exceed €20,000 per year, will now benefit from a new In-Work Benefit of €150 per year.

The sectors included in this scheme are the accommodation and food services, the administrative and support services, the manufacturing, the transport and storage, and the wholesale and retail trade.

Around 40,000 employees will benefit from this scheme which will leave around €6 million in the Maltese economy.

In order to implement this budget measure, Jobsplus is conducting a data collection exercise with all relevant employers in order to identify employees that have been working with the same employer for at least six months at atypical times in the aforementioned sectors.

As an Employer operating within these specific sectors, we kindly ask you to:

  1. Visit https://jobsplus.gov.mt/atypical

  2. Enter your unique Employer ID/number = XXXXX (this info will be communicated directly to eligible employers separately)

  3. Enter this Password = XXXXXXXXXX (this info will be communicated directly to eligible employers separately)

  4. Press Login

  5. For each employee select one of the statuses provided: Weekend, Night, Shift Work or N/A for employees who work on a normal day-time basis.

  6. For more information follow the Step-by-Step guide provided.

 Should you have any queries kindly contact us Freephone 153 or on [email protected].​​​​​​​​​​