The Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability (CRPD) offers a Special ID (SID-EU) Card to persons with disability in order to help them play an active role in society.
A holder of the SID-EU Card may apply for a number of services aimed for persons with disability within Government departments or private establishments.

What you'll get

Applicants of the SID-EU card are listed in a Register of Persons with Disability which is maintained by the CRPD and sorted by locality, gender, age, and different disability categories and unless they wish otherwise, they are informed of the work of CRPD by means of the newsletter, Indaqs (Equal) which CRPD publishes twice a year and by means of other information sent by CRPD from time to time.

A person in possession of the SID-EU Card is entitled to benefits such as:

• Free ferry trips by Gozo Channel
• Free transport service to and from state hospitals (by appointment)
• Priority for certain services provided
• Free entrance or reduced prices for organised activities

Please click here to view a full list. (https://www.eudisabilitycard.org.mt/)


• Persons with disability as defined by the Social Security Act (Cap. 318.)
• Persons with permanent hearing impairment to a degree of not less than 70 decibels or who use a hearing aid regularly
• Persons who have permanent total paralysis or serious permanent total malfunctioning of one limb
• Persons who have severe psychological problems that cause disability

Additional information:

• The SID-EU Card is normally issued for a period of 10 years for adults. For children, the validity period is shorter. It is important to renew the SID-EU Card since expired cards are invalid
• Renewal of these documents is the responsibility of the holder
• All individuals making use of the SID-EU Card are kindly advised to take action and renew the relevant documents 2 weeks before expiry date
• If the Card is lost, the holder must make a declaration on a form issued by CRPD for a new card to be issued
• The SID-EU Card is a legal document and thus, in the case of the owners death, the SID-EU Card must immediately be returned to CRPD

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.