This scheme caters for tenants who would like to become home owners. This scheme gives the opportunity to residents of apartments or terraced houses and maisonettes owned by the Housing Authority and the Government Property Department to become owners and continue using the property as their ordinary residence.

What you'll get

Tenants can purchase their rented properties at a subsidised price.


A person shall qualify to apply with the Authority to purchase an apartment/terraced house/maisonette owned by Housing Authority/Government under this Scheme if on the date of application the following conditions are met, namely:

a) The applicant, or his wife/her husband in the case of married couples must be Maltese Citizens or Citizens of the EU Citizens of the EU must be acquiring their first residence in Malta and they must also satisfy all the legal requirements which may be required by Law, by any Authority and/or by the Office of the Prime Minister. In the case of married couples but not separated/divorced, it is sufficient that one of the spouses is a Maltese Citizen or a Citizen of the EU;

b) Applicants residing in an old people’s home can apply to purchase their Housing Authority/Government owned residential unit under this Scheme only when and if their children are still residing in the rented property. In this case the calculation of subsidy is based on the assets of the recognised tenants.

c) In the case of married couples who are not legally separated/divorced, the application for purchase must be made by both spouses jointly.

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How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.

A non-refundable administrative fee of €20 applies upon submission of an application.