Following a door numbering or street naming exercise you will be given a notice letter informing you of the offical change. You have to visit any Local Council office, present the notice letter given to you by the Address Management Unit and fill in individual green forms to be sent to different entities via business-reply envelopes. A new channel has been introduced to fill in the form online using your eID credentials.

What you'll get

Electronic notification to the Commission for Revenue, Mater Dei Hospital and Primary healthcare that the applicant’s residential address has changed.


Any person affected by a door numbering and/or street naming exercise carried out by the Address Management Unit.

How to apply

Application can be submitted online.

You will need an updated Identity card issued by Identità Malta, access to eID and the notice sent to you by the Address Management Unit.

After logging with your eID, the new address will be included in the form as per the new Identity Card and you will need to select the reason for changing the address from a drop-down menu and insert the details of your old address. You will need to upload a copy of the notice letter as proof of change and submit the application.