Used to apply for a Government grant when purchasing electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

What you'll get

If approved, you will be provided with a grant, with the amount due depending on the type of grant.


To be eligible for the grant an applicant shall:

For the grant for the purchase of New or Used Plugin Hybrid or Used Electric Vehicles:

  • be a person residing in Malta, a Local Council, a Voluntary Organisation, including NGOs, or an undertaking established in Malta;
  • register a new or used plugin hybrid or a used electric vehicle;
  • if applying also for the scrappage scheme, have a motor vehicle in Category L, M or N which is older than 10 years, and registered, garaged, or licensed with Transport Malta in the applicant's name as at application date, and which will be deregistered as part of the application process. The age of the vehicle is calculated from the year of manufacture. The vehicle shall be de-registered at an authorised treatment facility;

The maximum quantity of grants that may be issued under this incentive shall vary by type of applicant, as follows:

  • Person residing in Malta: 2 grants;
  • Local Councils or Voluntary Organisation that do not carry out an economic activity (including NGOs): 10 grants;
  • Voluntary Organisation that do carry out an economic activity* (including NGOs): 10 grants; and
  • Undertakings established in Malta*: 10 grants.

The De Minimis State Aid Rules apply for the types of applicants.

For the grant for the conversion of bicycles to pedelecs

  • be a person residing in Malta;
  • own a new or used bicycle which is in a good state of repair and is roadworthy;
  • have the bicycle converted in compliance with EN Standard 15194:2017 and certified by a warranted engineer.

How to apply

To apply for this service:

  1. Download the PDF version of the application from link shown below.
  2. Send the filled-in application by post or present it at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Unit of Transport Malta any of the following addresses:

- Level 1, A3 Towers, Arcade Street, Paola PLA1212;
- Malta Transport Centre, Pantar Road, Ħal Lija LJA2021; or
- Transport Malta, St. Francis Square, Victoria, Gozo.

For opening hours and contact details, refer here