The aim of this incentive is to assist Industrial Research and Experimental Development activities required by industry for the acquisition of knowledge leading to the development of innovative products and solutions. The measure also encourages cooperation between undertakings by providing additional assistance for Industrial Research and/or Experimental Development projects.

What you'll get

Cash Grants 
Tax Credits
(or a combination of both)


The Applicant must be a small, medium or large enterprise hat is registered as:
- a partnership constituted under the Companies Act2
, being a partnership en nom collectif, en
commandite or a limited liability company;
- a body of persons constituted, incorporated or registered outside Malta and of a nature similar 
to the aforesaid partnerships and registered as an overseas company in accordance with the 
Companies Act;
-  be duly registered as a co-operative society under the Co-Operative Societies Act3

- Applicant must be undertaking an R&D project in terms of the guidelines

How to apply

Fill in the online form.

Applicants may choose to fill in a Pre-Proposal Form first to receive feedback on whether or not their intended project conforms as a valid R&D project with the parameters set in the relevant Incentive Guidelines.

Complete and signed application forms may be sent via email to R&[email protected] .


Documents Required: 

The following docuemnts are required; 
- Application annexes
- Cvs of persons who will be engaged in the project
- Consortium Agreement 
- Quotations/Agreements
- Tax Compliance Status Certificate
- Enterprise Size Declaration 
- Financial Summary 
- Audited Financial Statements 
- Business Plan