A Commercial Communication Game is organised with the purpose of promoting or encouraging the sale of goods/services. This does not constitute an economic activity in its own right and any payments effected by the participant serve only to acquire the promoted goods/services and are not a means of participating in the game itself. Nevertheless, it still requires a permit.

What you'll get

Upon successful application, the Malta Gaming Authority shall issue a permit for the operation of a Commercial Communication Game on the specified dates. This permit does not exempt the permit holder from obtaining any other permission that may be required under the Police or other Laws.


All local organisations are eligible to apply for such a permit once the Malta Gaming Authority deems that all persons involved are considered to be fit and proper.

Another requirement specified in the general conditions outlined in the application form needs to be satisfied, namely that a permit cannot be granted if the aggregate value of the prizes which can be won in such games does not exceed €100,000 in prizes during any calendar month, and no more than €500,000 during any calendar year.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.