Registration with the Office of the Registrar of Crafts Craftspersons and Crafts Entrepreneurs to be included in the Crafts Register is on a voluntary basis and free of charge.

What you'll get

Craftspersons and Crafts Entrepreneurs registered with the Office of the Registrar will have a profile on the online register and can also obtain certificates to attach to their products or place in their shop window. They will also be included in the Malta Crafts’ Foundation’s mailing list so as to be kept informed of any events being organised by the Foundation.


Crafts Persons or Crafts Entrepreneurs residing in Malta who are at least 18 years old. Third Country nationals need a Jobsplus permit to be able to apply. Students and apprentices under the age of 18 can also apply for registration which will be renewed yearly until they reach the age of 18. In this case applicants will need to submit a declaration signed by a person who is over 18.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit. The Office will contact the applicant to set up a meeting/visit to view the applicant working the craft/s indicated in the application