This form secures a food or a non-food substitute hawker licence for a period of not more than one month in the aggregate within the licence period of 1 year.

What you'll get

A new licence will be issued within a maximum of 10 working days.


Any natural person in possession of a street or market hawker's licence.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.

Please attach the following documents:
i) Copy of passport or ID Card if the proposed substitute hawker is a non-Maltese EEA and a copy of passport or ID Card and Jobsplus permit if the proposed substitute hawker is a third country national.
ii) Passport size photo of the proposed substitute hawker.
iii) No Objection Declaration by the Environmental Health Directorate certifying that the premises indicated as a store may be used for storing purposes if the commercial activity involves the selling of food. Where the premises of the principal Licensee is to be used as a store and such premises has already been certified by the Environmental Health Directorate, a declaration indicating such use is to be signed by both Licensee and the substitute.