Teachers who in previous years have been issued with a temporary warrant, and who are practising the profession whilst not in possession of a Permanent Warrant, are to apply for a renewal of the temporary warrant.

What you'll get

Renewal of the temporary teacher's warrant.


Teachers in compulsory education.

How to apply

Required documents

A digital format of the following documents is necessary when applying for the renewal of teacher’s temporary warrant.

Confirmation of Employment

  1. State Schools: Upload a digital copy of the Deployment Notification Form (DNF). This form is sent to you by the Education Resources Department.
  2. Church and Independent Schools: Click here to download the Declaration Form. Upload a copy of this form duly signed by the Head of School with the application.

Police Conduct Certificate

Date of issue should be not more than one (1) month before date of submission of this application.

In certain circumstances, the Council for the Teaching Profession reserves the right to request a Fedina Penali


text Fill in the online form and submit