Klabb 3-16 is an after-school care service for children between the ages of 3 and 16 years, attending State, Church or Independent schools. It is currently being operated in 33 localities and one may choose the centre that is most convenient. The service runs from Monday to Friday during the scholastic year after school finishes, till 18.00. However, the hours used can be tailored to one’s needs. The service also operates during school holidays, according to demand.

What you'll get

Children who attend Klabb 3-16 benefit from a planned programme of activities where children do their homework and take part in educational fun activities. The service is given by a team of professional staff, who ensure provision of a quality programme.


During school days, the service is available for all children between the ages of 3 and 16 attending State, Church or Independent schools. During school holidays, the service is available for children of working parents who can provide proof of employment.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.

For the full list of Klabb 3-16 centres, click here.

Applications of Klabb 3-16 Bridge Holidays are open between the 12th May and the 22rd May 2023.

Required documents:
i) Copy of ID Card of Parent/s and/or Guardian/s
ii) All copies of ID cards have to be countersigned by both parents.
iii) Copy of the ID Card of person/s authorised to pick up the child/ren
iv) Statementing board report (if applicable)
v) Psychological report (if applicable)
vi) IEP report (if applicable)
vii) Custody documents (if applicable)
viii) Fee to be paid as indicated in the form
viii) the job history sheet or the latest payslip