Request for transfer by title of temporary emphyteusis in terms of Article 31 (g) (C) of Chapter 573 Of the Laws of Malta.

What you'll get

An application to acquire a Government property on temporary emphyteusis, for the purpose of a significant Industrial Project, or for Humanitarian, Philanthropic, Cultural and/or Social Reasons, or for a period of 50 years to licenced/registered livestock farmers.


Any person interested in acquiring a Government land/property for residential purposes, offered by means of a public notice. Any person or organisation interested in acquiring a Government land/property for an industrial project. The applicant must satisfy the Lands Authority of the benefit of the project to Malta’s economy and specify the number of jobs which the project will create. Any licensed and/or registered livestock farmer, in which case the Government land/property would be granted for a 50-year period.

Any person or organisation requesting a Government land/property to be used for humanitarian, philanthropic, cultural or social reasons

How to apply

Fill in the online form, and together with the supporting documentation send it via email on: [email protected]