Grants under this scheme are intended as part compensation of expenditure in respect of the cost of construction and/or completion or rehabilitation works on first dwelling house. The owners of first residences, who due to an increase in the number of family members they require to construct additional rooms or carry out various alterations to their premises, are entitled for a grant under this scheme.

What you'll get

Applicants of properties built prior to 1990 can benefit from a grant amounting to between €3,495 - €6,989, whilst properties built after 1990 can be granted the amount of up to a maximum of €5,824. The grant is also given according to the status of the applicants. Applicants should not possess other property, and the property on which the grant is requested should be their first residence. Grant is given upon presentation of invoices and fiscal receipts.


The property should be the applicants' first residence.

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How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.

A non-refundable administrative fee of €23.00 applies upon submission of an application.

Documents and certificates required with application (where applicable):
i) Photocopy of valid ID Card from both sides of each applicant.
ii) In case of disabled applicants or applicants suffering from chronic mental illness, a medical certificate describing the conditions and a photocopy of valid Disability Card from both sides issued by the Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability is to be produced.
iii) Original Fiscal receipts in the name of applicants showing payments made by applicants on goods purchased and works carried out related to construction or on rehabilitation of property. Each fiscal receipt is to be accompanied by invoices containing details of goods purchased or services given to applicants including applicants’ details. Receipts will not be given back to applicants.
iv) Architect’s certificate.
v) Building Permit issued by the PA which covers the construction of the property on which grant is being requested. vi) Site plan and internal layout plan approved by PA.
vii) In case of separated/annulled/divorced applicants, these are to produce a copy of the final judgement of the competent court that pronounces the separation or a copy of the contract of separation.
viii) An authenticated copy of the Preliminary Agreement and Deed of Acquisition of property. Administrative charges indicated in same form are to be submitted.