The Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability (CRPD)’s main operation is to safeguard the Equal Opportunities (Persons with Disability) Act ( Cap. 413.) of the Laws of Malta. It does not only involve the investigation of complaints received for a possible solution, but continuously engages in offering advice on the implementation and enforcement of the Act, to both persons with disability and their family members (those directly affected), as well as other people in the society on whom the Act imposes certain obligations (those indirectly affected).

The Test of Reasonableness Board (TORB) is a board operating within the framework of Article 20 of the same Act, responsible in determining the reasonableness of any action to be undertaken by any person in the fulfilment of the provisions of this Act or the UNCRPD, including any alteration, change, and/ or provision of services and facilities and whether such actions could be undertaken without unjustifiable hardship.

What you'll get

  • Board hearings are held online.
  • The board members include persons with disability or guardians of persons with disability in case they cannot represent themselves.
  • For every board hearing, the board has a technical advisor present as rrequired, including the Commission’s architects and the appointed Commission's draughtspersons if the application concerns a development permit.
  • A professional representative can submit an application and represent the applicant. The person filling in the application may indicate other invitees to be present during the board hearing to support their request for exemption.
  • TORB provides a fair hearing whereby a decision is taken.


  • Any applicant who wishes to apply for an exemption on a Development Application or for whom a complaint has been lodged with the Investigations Unit within CRPD.

How to apply

Required documentation

  • Brief description of request for exemption, clearly explaining the technical difficulty and financial hardship that forms the basis of the request. This should also include the Bill of Quantities.
  • Plans and / or other technical drawings depicting any issues.
  • Documented evidence, including costings, indicating financial hardship.
  • Any other documents, including photos, supporting the request for exemption.

How to apply

Fill in and submit the application online.