The Active Ageing and Community Care Directorate provides a number of services. This application form incorporates all the major services offered by the Department, which are:

- Active Ageing Centres
- Home Help Service
- Respite at Home
- Respite
- Handyman Service
- Telecare+
- Telephone Rent Rebate
- Meals on Wheels
- Continence Service
- Domiciliary Nursing
- Domiciliary Caring
- Carer at Home Scheme
- Dementia Activity Centre
- Social Work
- Night Shelter
- Home Admission
- Community Geriatrician
- Podiatry Service
- Physiotherapy Service
- Occupational Therapy Service

What you'll get

Depending on the service selected, you will recieve an acknowledgement as well as have your application submitted.


Eligibility depends on the service being applied for. Eligible applicants are usually elderly persons and people suffering from dementia, or who require domiciliary assistance.

How to apply

Fill in the online form and submit.

This form has to be submitted along with a medical report (where applicable), and a declaration form.